HB Sludge Remover Pond Bacteria


HB Muck Reducing Pellets are slow-release pellets that sink down into the muck to deliver essential bio-stimulants and indigenous bacteria right into your target areas.

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HB Muck Reducing Pellets are slow-release 1 oz blocks that sink down into the muck to deliver essential bio-stimulants and indigenous bacteria right into your target areas. They penetrate and degrade pond muck by not only adding sludge-eating cultures, but by also stimulating naturally-occurring bacteria!

These 1 oz. blocks are a dense product designed to be “tossed in” and sink to the bottom. When they sink into the muck the bacteria produce enzymes that speed up the breakdown of organic waste. They contain safe and beneficial bacteria, and will not harm aquatic species, fish, waterfowl, or people.

These pellets help create better spawning substrate for most warm water species of fish in the key shallow areas of lakes and ponds!

We use this product during the hottest months of the year and broadcast them specifically into the most trouble areas including coves, bays, inlets, shorelines and beaches. Our private lab developed this sludge remover to slow release over the course of the summer to work effectively all summer long!

HB Muck Eating Pellets will not only keep your swimming areas, beaches, and coves from silting in, but they will visibly reduce the existing organic muck that has built up over the years. Used regularly, The HB Sludge Remover Pond Bacteria will replace the need for dredging in many situations and keep new muck from forming on your beach! These are a great tool for creating and maintaining nice swimming and recreational ponds! Many of our large lake associations use this product annually instead of very expensive dredging in their coves.

Application Rate: How much do I apply?

We usually use an initial dose of 25 lbs of pellets per acre of coverage starting about the time swimming season starts for the year. Then we use a much smaller maintenance dose of about 10 lbs per acre throughout the remainder of the swimming season. We do not use these pellets when the water temps are below 65 degrees.

Application Tips: How do I apply?

Apply 4lbs. (65 blocks) per surface acre of pond water, every 2-4 weeks or as needed. Apply blocks around the edges of the pond.




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