HB All Seasons Blend Pond Bacteria


The most advanced Pond Bacteria ever made!

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HB All Seasons Pond Bacteria


The Most Advanced Pond Bacteria

10 years of microbial product testing and research have led us to develop our favorite pond product to date! HB All Seasons Pond Bacteria and Water Conditioner! This product is  designed for larger ponds and lakes, but also very effective for even the smallest of ponds!


What sets our new formulations apart is that our bacteria blend is it works in all seasons in water temps from 35 degrees all the way up to 100 degrees! Not just a bacteria product, but  it’s a water conditioner that is combined with the perfect amount of essential pond vitamins, minerals, micronutrients and barley straw to condition your water and help the living bacteria flourish! Breathe new life into your lake or pond by completely restoring the entire microbial ecosystem!

Maintaining optimum water quality is important for consistently growing large fish, controlling nuisance vegetation, and keeping your pond or lake young and healthy forever! Our all seasons bacteria products adds the missing elements to optimal water quality at key times, while also eliminating the excess nutrients, smelly odors and organic matter that cause your typical pond problems. You will visibly see the results with our products, we guarantee it!

We have spent years perfecting the art of managing ponds and lakes with bacteria, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients. With this All Seasons Bacteria Product we are able to put all of those elements together to easily and organicly manage any size pond or lake effectively and efficiently all season long!

We have helped thousands of pond and lake owners renovate and manage their bodies of water and look forward to helping you create your perfect pond or lake!


Contact us for help with your specific situation. With a simple water quality test and a couple pictures we can prescribe a customized plan with easy to follow applicating instructions for fixing your pond or lake safely and naturally!


HB All Seasons Bacteria is a tremendous biological and water conditioning product with an awesome payback! This blend works best in water with temperatures in the 35-100 degree range. All Seasons Blend is a potent blend of 23 essential vitamins, bio-stimulants, catalyzing enzymes, and select warm and cold water biological species custom blended for lakes and ponds.

All Seasons blend is a great way to balance a pond, consume organics, reduce nuisance vegetation and lower harmful ammonia. This is the most cost effective way to remove 30-60% of the sludge from the bottom of your pond. All Seasons Blend is a huge key to breathing new life into your ponds metabolism!

Once we get nuisance aquatic vegetation like watermeal, duckweed, and algae controlled with herbicides and algaecides we typically can keep them from coming back by utilizing our bacterial blends and eliminating aquatic algaecides and herbicides completely!

Dosage Rate Guidelines

All Seasons Blend comes in 8 oz water soluble bags. Just simply toss them into the water along the shoreline at a rate of 4 lbs per surface acre.

A follow up dose of 2 lbs per surface acre can be applied two-four weeks later.

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