Benefits of Electrofishing

We travel across the Midwest to electrofish lakes and ponds for campgrounds, sportsmen’s clubs, lake associations, and private recreational lake owners. We create management plans to establish daily creel limits, forage stockings, game fish stockings, habitat enhancements, vegetation control, and address any aeration or water quality needs.

Electrofishing is perhaps our greatest Lake Management Tool! Electrofishing or shocking your lake/pond gives us a great snapshot of your current fish population. In order to create the perfect management plan, you need to take an inventory of what you already have.

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How it Works


We use a specialized boat to temporarily stun fish in a lake or pond. All fish collected are analyzed and then returned safely back to their home.


While on the water, we visually inspect the fish for diseases and parasites; inspect the dam, spillway, and watershed; carefully observe predator to prey ratios and calculate relative weights; monitor undesirable species or over-abundant year classes; and study the overall habitat and water quality.


For Lake and Pond Owners who create specialized or trophy fisheries, we often electrofish annually to keep on top of spawning success and overall fish health. For most lakes and ponds, we recommend electrofishing every 2-3 years to make sure everything is staying balanced and healthy.

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