HB Concentrated Black Lake Dye (32oz)


Natural reflection, beauty and quality of this lake dye has yet to be equaled!

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Herman Brothers own blend of Concentrated Black Lake Dye is a high concentrate colorant that helps create the unique natural look of black water lakes and ponds favored in golf course and resort locations. One quart of Concentrated Black Lake Dye will treat up to 1 acre of water! It is the best choice of dye for instantly transforming very muddy water into deep natural looking water.

I often mix in a quart of HB Concentrated Black Lake Dye per 2 quarts of HB Concentrated Blue Lake Dye to create the most beautiful looking water on the planet! The reflective natural-deep, rich color created by the blue/black combination is a must see! There are no restrictions to fishing, swimming, or recreational water use during and following application of this product. Fish, waterfowl, or animals are not harmed by normal use of this product.

Application Rates: How much do you need to apply?

For most dye applications I do not want to completely filter out the sun’s light, I just want to make the pond or lake look more aesthetically appealing. I typically just apply 1 quart of HB Concentrated Lake Dye per surface acre initially, and then 1/2 quart per acre every month of the recreational fishing and swimming season.

A typical one acre pond in the Midwest has a 6 month season and will need 4 quarts to keep the water looking great for the season!

Another example: For an 8 acre lake I will initially apply 8 quarts of HB Concentrated Lake Dye. Then I will apply 4 quarts per month until the season is over. During a 6 month season I will use 28 quarts of HB Concentrated Lake Dye.

Application Tips: How do I apply it?

HB Concentrated Lake Dye is easy to apply by simply pouring in along the water’s edge or from a boat. Natural water movements will quickly disperse the product in less than 24 hours until even coloration is achieved throughout. It is non-corrosive and will not stain bathing suits, fountain surfaces or other water features at use dilution.

This product contains a concentrated black lake colorant, designed for use in large ponds and lakes.

Water Use Restrictions:

HB Concentrated Lake Dye is completely safe for fish, animals, irrigating, drinking, fishing, and swimming. It has absolutely no water use restrictions, but I would recommend waiting 24 hours to use the water after treatment, to allow the dye to evenly disperse throughout the water column.


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