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The Bojo Swing-Arm Fish Light is intended to be mounted on a fishing dock, pier or boat house, but could simply be mounted on a post. The unit has 2 fluorescent bulbs that attract bugs to the device. Once the bugs come to the light, an electric motor with weed-eater cord type blades, knocks the bugs into the water where fish can feed on them.

This device not only attracts bugs and feeds fish, it keeps most of the bugs off of you at the same time. And, the lamps are not visible from above to create a glare in your eyes. The attached photocell will economically turn your light on at night and off every morning.

Suspend your light four to eight feet above your pond, lake, river, stream or fish cage. A built-in photo cell will automatically turn your light on at dusk and off at dawn. A rotating nylon set of wands wounds or kills bugs, which drop into the water to the waiting fish. The fish quickly learn that this is a terrific nighttime feeding station!

The Bo-Jo Swing-Arm Fishlight is manufactured in the USA from stainless steel, aluminum and galvanized metal, offering a lifetime of reliable service in fresh and/or salt water environments. We happily grant a two-year warranty on your dock lighting unit.

Specifications: 12 pounds, 115 Volts, 1 Amp, 60 Hz.

We strongly recommend that all BoJo Fishlights be wired through GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupting) devices.

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